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Consultancy Packages

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Way of the Scholar can deliver specialised academic guidance to your workplace in the form of our consultancy packages. We can help with educational strategy and course design, motivating your students and improving their skill sets, and making sure everyone is up to date with new directions in interdisciplinarity and cultural competence.


Get in touch if you're interested in one of the possibilities listed below, are curious about a quote, or want to know if we can help you with a unique problem.

Course and Unit Design

Looking to refresh or revise your student offerings? We offer advice on new directions or feedback on your current ideas. We can also help you make changes to 'close the loop' and address student feedback. Our skills include detailed experience in interdisciplinary units and industry engagement.

Research Huddles

Feeling uninspired or lost in your research journey? Our huddles can  bring back the passion or direct you to better clarity in your communication. We help you to talk through your research ideas with engaged colleagues and connect with theirs. We can workshop novel research approaches across disciplines to open up alternative pathways of inquiry. These opportunities are also popular with postgraduate research students.

Fostering Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusive spaces have become increasingly important as universities recognise more diverse needs. We offer up-to-date feedback on inclusion, cultural competency, and accessibility.  With our help, you can ensure that your classroom or staff-room is a caring and constructive place with room for everyone.

Boost Student Skills

Worried that your students may be struggling in an important area? We have a series of tools, including engaging workshops, that can shine a light on areas of difficulty. Popular offerings include lessons on citation management software and improving mental health.

Feedback on Funding and Grants

Many academics have wonderful ideas for projects but can struggle to communicate their importance to external stakeholders like funding bodies. We can help by giving guidance on your paperwork or presentations. Discretion with your project ideas is guaranteed.

Plus More!

This is just a taste of what we can do for you and your workplace. Let us know what you're after!

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