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Making Yourself Wise

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The getting of wisdom and the writing and speaking of wisdom are deeply interlinked. One of these does not necessarily come before the other. So, when we explain the processes of academic communication in Way of the Scholar we are also teaching you how to be critically aware of what you say in precisely the way a scholar should be aware. Be aware of your words, sources, evidence, and be aware of how precise your communication should be. In this way, writing a research paper is also a profound kind of thinking, delivering an oral lecture can be the same. When you are doing these things, sometimes you can feel supremely stupid because, as you do them, you are also mapping out your own inadequacies. But, conversely, while you are in the process of communicating (writing, speaking) new ideas can spring into your mind without you even knowing where they came from. Being self-reflective during these processes is also part of the true path to wisdom. Intelligence starts with your brave attempts to communicate at new and sophisticated levels. So don't be ashamed, at the start, when you write or say something that sounds too simple, sounds inelegant, rewrite it, respeak it and keep going. This is one of the proven ways to make yourself wise.

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