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Creating The Academic Witch

Alana Louise Bowden – Her Scholarship and a Festschrift

Introducing a tribute to a very special friend and scholar...


A Call For Papers

Zoe Alderton and Chris Hartney are assembling a proposal to be submitted to Cambridge Scholars Publishing for a festschrift/collection of scholarship to honour Alana Bowden. We invite you to propose a 200-300 word abstract.


Alana's triumphant stance at the Save Usyd Arts Protest 2021. Photo by Daniel J. Tower

Artist Performing on Stage


Dr Zoe Alderton,

School of Economics, University of Sydney


Dr Christopher Hartney,

Department of Studies in Religion, University of Sydney

Artist Performing on Stage

Academic Publisher

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Image by Lukas Meier
Image by Edz Norton

Our Vision

The academic publishers Cambridge Scholars Publishing have expressed interest in publishing this collection of scholarly and other writings connected with the academic career of Alana. The proposed book will come in three parts:


The proposed volume will include a section of scholarly articles reflecting on and developing Alana’s academic work.

It will also include Alana’s unpublished scholarly work – in particular her honours thesis, PhD proposal, and other articles she was preparing for publication.

The publishers are also eager to include some non-academic writing which helps elucidate who Alana was as a person.


This project has the support of Alana’s family in particular her brother Tom Bowden. A list of “subscribers” will be added to the end for those friends and family members of Alana’s who want to be listed as supporters of this project.

Image by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri

Sharing Alana's Scholarship

Although only at the end of honours when she died, Alana was positioning herself as an ‘Academic Witch’ – a unique scholarly perspective reflective of being in, and also studying, the field of magic. Her honours thesis on the katabastic dimensions of the solstice celebrations attached to The Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart was a vital first step in this direction and makes a significant contribution to what would have been a foundational move in the positioning of the scholar-practitioner through a Performance Studies and Studies in Religion methodological perspective.    

Image by Cristian Escobar

Submit Your Work

Academic Submissions:

Please submit a 300-400 word abstract to the editors by 31 March 2022. Preference will be given to research proposals that elucidate or connect with Alana’s writings and scholarly interests. The editors will be pleased to supply examples of Alana’s writings to help in this.


Your article will be due 30 November 2022 for publication in 2023. The mandatory referencing system will be Chicago full-note 17th edition. Your article should be 4,000-6,000 words in length and will be rigorously peer-reviewed.

Creative Submissions:

We are able to publish a small selection of black & white art and poetry created by Alana's friends.

Acknowledgement of Country:

Alana was a strong supporter of Australia's first nations people and would want us to foreground the traditional owners of the Country where this work was produced. If you're an Indigenous friend or colleague, we welcome your contribution in the form of a Welcome or Acknowledgement we can place at the opening of the volume.

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